Automated Actions

Hire on the go and improve your hiring processes


Fastrecruita Automated actions are deployed to help you improve how you hire and simplify hiring processes which leads to reduced time to hire. it makes you stand out in your recruitment. It makes repetitive tasks and actions seamless and helps enhance your branding through custom email templates. you define how the automation should work and assign them to each company, department, teams and jobs. help make your job easier and speed up time to hire by automating repetitive tasks and emails.

Customize and Automate communication


Create a lasting impression with your applicants the first time they apply to your job. Create personal acknowledge letters for receipt of application, Automate the process of moving applicants from one stage of the hiring pipeline to the other. Send rejection email once an applicant is rejected. You may also choose to delay the rejection email to be sent at a later date.

Make interview scheduling seamless


eliminate no shows at interview or a decline email sent a day to interview. with Fastrecruita self scheduling tool, candidates can reschedule themselves for an interview choosing day most convenient to them. This eliminates no shows and reduces time to fill a job role.

Make candidates feel good


Make your brand stand out with Fastrecruita auto emails. You do not need to worry about how to send acknowledgement emails, rejection emails or offer emails to candidates. Fastrecruita automated actions take care of this. This helps you to increase candidates' experience while making your brand stand out among candidates.