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Want to quickly fill that vacant role? We are your personal assistant. Wherever your location or industry, you can count on us to quickly recruit your staff at a very reduced fee and within 72 hours.

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We have consultants that cut across different industries. We are experts in manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Banking & finance, Engineering, Real Estates, Telecommunications, and many others...

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Our huge database of jobseekers ensure that our clients have access to the right quantity and quality of skills at any time. You can source the right candidate in just minutes...

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Do you have a specific requirement and need a consultant to work with you on a short project? Get any of our certified professionals who are skilled in proffering solutions to business...

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There is always a need to focus on your core tasks. We will help you with tasks that your outsourcing requirement to enable you pay attention to your key functions. We have various...

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RapidSource helps jobseekers to find jobs at ease. We believe every jobseeker has the potential and competencies needed by employers. We have found out over the years that the jobs are available but most jobseekers are either not aware of these jobs or do not understand the chemistry involve in searching for jobs. We have bridged this gap. All you need to do is to register and complete your profile. Our system works with the database and matches relevant CVs to employers request. It is important you have your profile completed properly in order not to lose a chance of being discovered by the Artificial Intelligence.

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