Configure the interview process

Interview scheduling couldn't be this easy. schedule candidates for an interview in a seamless manner. Create team members and assign them roles in the hiring process. Add as many team members as you wish in your hiring process and assign them different roles. Fastrecruita makes it easy for team collaoration. Assign hiring teams roles to evaluate candidates in an anonymous manner. This helps in giving fair ratings without any form of bias.

Customized your pipelines

Configure how you want you pipeline to be. Your hiring process shows how you want all members of your team to respond within the pipelines created. Create steps to follow in your pipeline. You may choose to create different roles for each pipeline and assign tasks for each pipeline which must be completed before moving to the next stage of the pipeline.

Email and Calendar Sync

Fastrecruita makes it easy to effectively manage communications with candidates. communicate with candidates from the Fastrecruita platform or from your emails on gmail and outlook. All emails sent from the Fastrecuita platform automatically syncs with your gmail or outlook. Also any email sent to a candidate from your gmail or outlook will automatically appear under the email section of the candidate in Fastrecruita.

Interview Kits and scorecard

create interview evaluation forms and assign them to interviews schedules. Interviewing team granted access to interview a candidate will have access to the interview evaluation form which will be used for the interview.

All interviews are structured. interviewers will have the same set of questions to ask all candidates. This brings fairness in the interview process. With a structured interview in place,


    All candidates are asked the same set of questions


    Responses are graded using the same scorecard and rating scale


    The scorecards you create are automatically attached to the right stage of the candidate’s profile and only accessible to the right team


    Feedback is shared on the candidate profile, where the team can review and take action

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