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Simple interview platform, cutting edge infrastructure and effective delivery. These are the phrases for the Fastrecruita interview software.
Are you still worried about having interviews with no attendance? We got you covered. Modern and advanced companies are using technology to disrupt their hiring processes.
The Fastrecruita Video Interview platform is equipped with state of the art facilities to help you conduct all interviews in an effective and efficient manner. Work virtually is the new language.
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Need to interview candidates live?
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Live Video Interviews

Screen Candidates with less time and cost. Increase.

Interview candidates live at the comfort of their homes or anywhere they may be and record the interview so it can be tracked and reviewed at a later time.

  • Record all interviews
  • Brand your interviews and increase candidate experience
  • Conduct interviews right from your web browser
  • Collaborate with your team members and other interviewers

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One-Way/On-demand Video Interview

Get to know your candidates better and see if they fit into your requirements. send them links to conduct self-recorded video answers to your interview questions.

  • Create text or video based questions
  • assign time limit to each interview question
  • Limit the maximum time to answer each question

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Interview Evaluation

Review each answer to the interview questions and assess which candidate meets your requirement. Streamline the best candidates and send them to other interviewers for further review.

  • Rate and comment on candidates answers to interview questions
  • Select the candidate that is best fit.
  • Extend further discussion with the candidate
  • Highlight candidates who are not considered
  • Send rejection emails

How it Works

  • Create interview questions set
  • Choose from the questions set which you want candidates to answer
  • Share interview links with candidates via emails and add your hiring team
  • Review candidates interviews and rate
  • Move the best candidate to the next stage of your hiring process

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Interview Collaboration

Share interviews with hiring managers and other team members for more informed decisions

  • Brand your shared interview landing page
  • Share candidates without displaying their personal data to limit bias
  • Be notified when hiring managers and other team members watch your shared interview questions
  • CGet team members reviews and rating

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