Automated actions

Automate repetitive actions and emails and speed up your hiring time. Configure custom emails for repetitive tasks such as sending emails to candidates upon submission of applications, scheduling of interview and generation and extension of offer letters. repetitive actions slow down your hiring process when there is no tool to handle this.

Hiring plan

Manage your hiring activities in the most effective and efficient manner. Plan your hiring activities and create budgets for them. Create team members and assign roles to them. As you move along your hiring process, team members move with you. Plan, track and manage your hiring and budget.

  • Create Approval workflows

    Fastrecruita is equipped with an automated approval workflow. Create different workflows and assign a team to each workflow. You can create workflow for interviews, job posting approval, offer letters approval. Once a process is initiated, the team member automatically receives an email with a call to action. Approve requests digitally.

  • Built-in offer letters and e-signatures

    Fastrecruita has made offer letter creation and approval so seamless and simple. Create offer letters or make use of the sample offer letter in the system. send the offer letter to the approver and upon approval, digitally sign the offer letter and extend to the candidate. Candidates can accept and sign the offer letters from the web or their mobile phones.

Reports and Analytics

Advanced referrals can triple the candidates you receive. How? We provide the tools and motivation that make it easy for employees to share candidates you’ll be happy to hire.

  • Fastrecruita is equipped with different types of reports to track your hiring performance.

  • View all current analytics to see how your hiring is performing against set target. Share, download and print reports.

  • Historical Analytics gives you an overview of your past hiring activities. Check where you did well and what you failed to do well. Learn and take decisions on how to improve on your hiring process.

Grow with us

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