Video Profile

Make that lasting first impression. Record a video profile showcasing your knowledge, skills and experience.

The Fastrecruita platform allows Jobseekers to record a video profile showcasing their skills. Provide answers to the most common interview questions asked by recruiters and employers and increase your chances of being shortlisted by 70%.



Standout and be seen by potential employers

Provide answers to frequently ask interview question by recording yourself via a video interview platform. Your video profile will be embedded on your Fastrecruita profile which increases the chances of being shortlisted for interview by 70%


Impress Employers from Day 1

Fastrecruita video profile provides jobseekers the opportunity to make a great first impression. Your profile highlights the skills every employer looks out for.


Make noise of your Fastrecruita video profile

Answer all questions by recording yourself, share your Fastrecruita video profile to social media platforms. All profiles are can be seen by potential employers on the Fastrecruita platform.

Why Create Video Profile?

  • Catch the attention of top employers.
  • Standout and make the all-important first impression count.
  • Broadcast yourself on your Fastrecruita profile.