Shortlist and screen the best candidates faster with Assessments


Make data based-driven decisions in your hiring process. assign Assessment Tests to your candidates Further hiring discussions with only candidates who meet up with the standard score. Fastrecruita has partnered with Expertrating ( the No1 Assessment platform in the world). Our Pre-employment tests, Cognitive tests, Personality tests and all other tests are created by the best psychologists and test creators in the world.

Hire without bias


Fastrecruita equips recruiters and hiring managers to hire the best candidates free of bias. Hire with the right skills measures and improve the chances of job performance by 95%.


When you use Fastrecruita Assessments, you objectively hire the right candidates without bias on the basis of gender, ethnicity and other biases. The focus becomes the skill and the decision is based on the assessment score level.

Create Custom Assessments Using Fastrecruita In-built Assessment template


Fastrecruita is equipped with an in-built assessment template to help you create your own custom tests. Decide what you want to test candidates on and design your tests in that manner. There are different test types to select from which aid the type of test you want to create.

Make quick decisions


Fastrecruita scales your hiring decisions and places you as a top recruiter. quickly assign assessments to candidates and decide who best matches the requirement of the job.


Send assessments links to candidates to take assessments within a defined period which they must take the test.


fastrecruita assessments can be taken from anywhere and anytime. from the comfort of there homes.


Fastrecuita assessments platform is equipped with modern web proctoring that monitors the activities of candidates while taken tests. This ensures candidates are not involved in any form of cheating. Candidates can only take assessments with the aid of a video enabled device.