Application Tracking System

Create pipelines and move applicants along each pipeline.


Fastrecruita is equipped with the best Applicant Tracking system to simplify your hiring process and increase candidates experience. Create email templates and assign them to each of the pipelines. Simplify your hiring process by creating steps for each of the pipeline stages.


take control of all hiring activities right from the Applicant Tracking System page. Email, SMS, Shortlist, Create and send interviews, Make offers, Take hiring decisions, Review candidates, create notes right on the ATS page.



Assign assessment by selecting from the assessment vendor right from te ATS page. select the assessment types from skills test, boundground checks and reference checks.

many other options.


Take other actions right from the ATS page. Reject a candidate and you may wish to delay the rejection to a defined date. Move candidates faster to the next pipeline, view recommended candidates for your job.