Extending offers to candidates has never been this easy. just with a click, create an offer letter using the platform offer letter template, edit and send offer letter to an approval for review. Once approved, generate the offer and send it to the candidate. Fastrecruita ensures that at every stage of the recruitment process you do not need to worry about paper and pen. All actions are automated from beginning to the end.

Digital signatures

sign offer letters with an intuitive electronic signature without having to print the offer letters. Seek approval for all generated letters before extending the same to candidates.
Candidates do not need to print the offer letters to sign as they can sign right from the comfort of their mobile phones.

Reference and Background Check

Fastrecruita is equipped with an automated reference and background check right on the platform. The platform makes it easy to invite a reference and Background check company to carry out new recruits checks without stepping outside. invite Background check companies to carry out these checks and submit reports on the platform.