Cassava Milling Operator


  • Benin
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Job Description

1.     Supervise routine process activity and follow-up on Cassava milling process achieved as per targeted daily, weekly and monthly plan.

2.     Ensure that quality control objectives and standards are followed.

3.     Coordinate with the team and implementation of SOP’s, execution of Protocol’s, collecting the data’s for preparing the Report’s, and ensuring GMP practices are followed as per guidelines requirements.

4.     Coordinate with the team to carry out new process and process improvements in fermentation process for continuous improvement



1.     Verify raw materials availability related to milling Operation (like Cassava, enzymes, nutrients and chemical etc...), Equipment readiness, Utilities, Personal Protective Equipments for Hygiene practices, manpower availability based on production plan and take corrective actions as required.

2.     Monitoring of milling operating parameters, In process Quality parameters of product, process water and Steam consumption on shift basis.

3.     Operate and control the milling process and its parameters using a PLC/DCS system.

4.     Process trouble shooting by following proper documentation practices and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

5.     Provide on the Job trainings to existing and new personnel as required.

6.     Ensure that standard operating procedures are followed and compliance is maintained as required.

7.     Report back to the immediate superior of any issue that is identified and resolved effectively.

8.     Coordinate with cross functional department for materials and process requirement to achieve budget plan.

9.     Participate in activities related to Preventive Maintenance and Safety

10.  Ability to understand written and oral instructions and comply with directives.

11.  Other Duties may be assigned as needed


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