InstantMatch Technology

How InstantMatch Works

Powerful Ai to Parse, Match and Score Talents

Match Score


The Fastrecruita Ai conveniently parses resumes in refined order and match and score profiles based on the job description and skills requirement.


InstantMatch will process the information from the job description by looking at key variables such as the job title, years of experience needed, educational qualification and skills required and match this with the requirements of the job. The AI as well does this for the candidate looking at the experience, qualification, skills, similar job titles and companies.


Thereafter the powerful algorithm determines how much of a fit the candidate is based on the job requirement. The InstantMatch is based on only the data available on the job description, skills, qualification, job titles are used when calculating the score. The score is automatically calculated when a candidate uploads his CV or his CV is added by an employer to the Fastrecruita platform. When a candidate applies for different jobs, he will have a different match score. the score is calculated from 0 to 100

CV Database Recommendation


The InstantMatch AI searches the database and matches qualified talents to your job and highlights their various skills matching your job requirements. Matching candidates from the database are fetched and shared on the InstantMatch page highlighting their skills, experiences. You may decide to reach out to candidates recommended by the InstantMatch technology and reduce your time to waiting for applications. The powerful AI works from the backend. Immediately you post a job and recommend suitable candidates.