Candidate Relationship Management Community

Collect, grow and convert prospects from communities to candidates


Fastrecruita is equipped with a Candidate Relationship Management for building pipelines of quality prospects. Create communities for different job positions in your company and assign team members to manage each community.


Invite Prospects to communities using Leads Capture Form Create a lead capture form and share it on your company social media platforms on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or vai emails. Allow prospects to submit their details. Each form is linked to a particular community and once prospects complete the leads capture form, they are automatically added to the community

Create Campaigns that convert.


Fastrecuita has a robust and in-built campaign tool that enables you to create different campaigns and send them to prospects in a particular community.

Enhance your company brand


The lead capture form and the campaign tools are an effective way of increasing your brand awareness and increasing candidates experience. Create campaigns to market your company to the large database of prospects you have built.