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Read this if you have been applying for jobs but never get invited for an interviews

Why Your Resume May Never Get You Shortlisted

A lot of noise is in the air especially in the Nigerian labour market as to why some Resumes are not shortlisted, and some candidates are not making it to the interview stage even though the candidates are well positioned with good and needed years of qualified experience.

Many individuals attribute these cases to preferential treatment that comes from some employers in favour of selected candidates that they don’t enjoy or because they don’t have the so-called insider in their targeted organizations that can push on their behalf.

The truth is the labour market keeps receiving thousands of job-ready candidates every day which is making it difficult for recruiters or employers to have all the time to give chances to candidates to prove their worth or display the genius they claim they have when their Resumes fail.

Here are the Top 5 reasons your Resume is not shortlisted:

1. Your Digital Footprint is Zero:

If you are still looking for a job at this age and you are not taking your online presence as seriously as your CV, it is mostly possible to affect your ranking in the face of recruiters despite the richness of your CVs. At least 70% of recruiters will search for you on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to validate what is in your CV and easily screen your personality.

Gone are the days when social media was meant to connect with friends. It has become a second where
people feel comfortable portraying who they are.

If you have not been intentional with the way you utilize social media, you need to start taking it seriously as recruiters or employers of your dream company are there to know you before they meet you.

2. Your CV Lacks Relevant Industry Keywords

With the ever-increasing statistics of job seekers, recruiters are finding it stressful to spend hours checking and reading CVs when they can filter qualified candidates out of the numerous entries submitted with the aid of modern technology (Applicant Tracking System) like Fastrecruita.

This technology is pre-programmed to rank and score CVs that carry relevant keywords related to various industries, job roles, and positions.

You are applying for Financial Executive roles? The keywords that will make your CV ATS-friendly but are not limited to; Accounting, planning, strategy, auditing, budgeting, documentation, proficiency, and valuation among others.

You need to do in-depth research on keywords relating to your industry and job role.

3. Your Email Looks Unethical:

It looks unprofessional when your email is Beautyqueen@gmail.com, Loverboy2363535342@gmail.com, or Idontcare@yahoo. com. Emails like that turn off some recruiters and make them see you as unprofessional no matter the level of your experience.

Your email should be created with your name even if it is just for the sake of the job you are looking for. If you are Abdul Micheal then your email can be Abdulmicheal2000@gmail com.

4. You send out CV and Cover Letter Randomly:

Your CV will neither scale the fence nor put you in the room of interview when what you do is to randomly send out applications with CV and cover letter that you have been using for some period.

Your CV says you are an Accountant, but each time you see roles like auditor, budget analyst, accounts
payable specialist, tax accountant, and forensic accountant you make entries with that one CV without optimizing it for the job. If you don’t know, it places a dent on your personality no matter how experienced you are.

When you are applying for any new role, make sure you look out for the job description and tailor your CV and cover letter to it, it will rank you high.

5. Your CV Lacks the Required Skills

Every job role has a specific skill set. These are the skills expected from candidates depending on the type of role that befits your expertise. It qualifies you as the right man for the job.

Before you apply for any role or job, look out for the required skill set, match it with your level of expertise and examine yourself to know if it is within your scope of knowledge or what you can learn and understand before the interview stage.

What you feel you know is not needed; it is what recruiters feel you should know that is important.

Final Thought:

The job market has become a competitive one. It favours candidates who position as the best on paper and can equally dominate the conversation when the time to prove what is being written comes.

Your CV is the passport that represents you in that room that you don’t have access to yet. Make it professional, catchy and Applicant tracking system friendly.

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