Automated Background Checks

Simplified Reference and Background Checks


The Fastrecruita Platform is equipped with tools to automate your reference and background checks. This invitation only based service is created to take away the stress that great companies like yours go through in conducting background checks for new hires.

Send an invitation


Invite background and reference checks companies through an invitation only marketplace to signup and create their services on the Fastrecruita platform.


Once the consultants receive the link, they can sign up in one minute to create their account and setup there offers and services


They automatically appear on the ATS once verified. their prices are displayed for other companies to purchase.


All background and reference checks and reports are shared with the employer right on the platform. This saves time and cost inherent in the manual process.



Collaborate with your team members, clients, consultants right on a single platform equipped with messaging capability. send messages, receive messages, agree on terms and close projects

Make more money


With the Fastrecruita vendor platform, companies doing business in the background and reference checks are available to employers all year round. these services are seen by a large number of employers. This helps them in streamlining their operations hence making more money.